Sustainable development of clothing

The clothes industry has become the world's second most polluting industry after petroleum.

Today, with the deterioration of the ecological environment, the fashion industry has become the second largest source of pollution in the world after the petrochemical industry.

 According to the data report, the annual greenhouse gas emissions from the textile industry exceed the combined emissions of all international flights and shipping. Every year, about 26 million tons of used clothes are thrown into the dustbin in China, and this figure will rise to 50 million tons after 2030. In 2018, the well-known international brand Burberry burned about 28.6 million pounds (260 million yuan) worth of goods in stock.

 Astonishing data have produced a warning effect, and how to achieve sustainable development has become the most concerned topic in the fashion industry, which is related to the future of the fashion industry and even affects the development of the whole society. it is also the "social responsibility" that clothing production and consumers should bear at the present stage.

The emergence of innovative fabrics ushered in a new turnaround, the emerging fabrics based on recyclable fabrics gradually collided with clothing design, new clothing elements onto the fashion catwalk, and shining brilliantly.A wave of design has begun.


As a professional outdoor and workwear manufacturer and exporter,GREENLAND makes every effort to respect and preserve natural resources.And this also the reason that GREENLAND are using recyclable fabrics in clothing design and production.

What is the real environmental protection?

Everyone has his own answer


We have been working hard for environmental protection, start with the little things we can do around us.Just passed September 12th was World Clean Earth Day and the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone layer, GREENLAND initiated a donation campaign about donating unnecessary clothing to those who really need it contributing to GREENLAND’s power.


Recycle fabrics are also what we focus on

At GREENLAND, our design team also aims to invent products that respect and preserve natural resources.We all know the apparel industry become sustainable still has a long road to go. But we have made the change.We provide personalized solution based on your request of market, cost and design. We are all glad to make the new development with you.



What certificates or hangtags GREENLAND can supply to you for recycled fabrics?


We will recommend different environmentally friendly yarns for different fabrics used in different styles, like workwear and softshell. Each environmentally friendly yarn has its corresponding hangtag. Not only for environmentally friendly yarns but for the finished fabrics, which depends on what your need in your market. In addition to the eco-friendly hangtags, we can also provide you with the certificates of GRS.

How to make the description on care label or recycled fabric?

For example, if it’s one layer fabric and the composition is 100% polyester and it’s also used 100% eco-friendly yarns, then we can write it like this: 100% recycled polyester.If it’s two layers fabric and the shell fabric is 100% polyester with eco-friendly yarns and back is 100% polyester with normal yarns. Then we can write it like this: 100% recycled polyester/100% polyester.

A look at the product, an outdoor jacket for men from GEREENLAND.

调整尺寸后 2

The overall fabric and zipper of the clothing are made of recyclable fabrics

We do all these because GREENLAND believe that nothing is more critical than safeguarding nature for generations of shredders to come.

GREENLAND adhere to the practice of green environmental protection as the basis of clothing design, and will continue to do so.

We believe and insist that "sustainable fashion" is the future of the clothing industry.

More things about recycled fabric,welcome to contact us.

Post time: Sep-16-2021