How to Make the Right Polybag for Garment Package?

---Original article by GREENLAND

Polybag is an important accessory to protect the garment. But how to make the right polybag for the garment package? Today I will show this topic to you.

1.Material of polybag

The normal material of polybag is PE material. It is very soft in hand-feeling. There is the ductility in the PE material and not destroyed easily. There are two different PE material, LDPE and HDPE. The LDPE is used for the polybag. Please note the material symbol should match the real material absolutely.



The normal thickness is 0.04mm for one layer if no request from client. But we also can make the thicker one, for example 0.07mm, 0.10mm.

3.Air holes

Why are there the air holes in the polybag? It can help the air go out easily when packing and avoid the polybag expanding. Please note the air holes should be made in the two layers, not one layer. It is better to make the air holes in the bottom corners. It is no problem to choose one corner or two corners.

4.Glue Strip

The glue strip in the opening should have a good fastness and can be reused for 4-5 times. It can help the client to inspect and make the re-pack.



The opening of polybag should be in the short side usually. But a few clients request the opening in the long side. To avoid the mistake, it is very important to confirm with clients before production.


The print should be in the middle of the polybag. We also can print the instruction as clients’ request.


Another point, please pay more attention to the fastness of the print. The simple test way is to rub the print by hand. If no ink fall off, the fastness is good.


In brief, we cannot ignore the importance of the polybag. There are still many important things we have to pay attention. Based on 16 years’ experience in the functional clothes for work wear and outdoor garments, we are pleased to share our experience and lessons with you for fabrics, accessories and workmanship. You are welcome to discuss with us for any issues. Thank you!




Post time: Jul-20-2021