How to choose suitable material for rainwear?

There is no best material for rainwear, but the most suitable material. The function of the rainwear is waterproof. We should choose material according to different usage and request.


Greenland Manufacturing & Trading Co.,Ltd., the professional rainwear supplier from 1992, produces a variety of rainwear with different materials, such as PE rainwear, EVA rainwear, PVC rainwear, PEVA rainwear, PU rainwear and waterproof coated fabric rainwear etc.


PE poncho & PE raincoat

If you need the emergency or disposable one, we recommend the PE poncho or PE raincoat. You may see them in play ground or souvenir shops. It can be packed into small polybag or small ball to carry easily. It is the the cheapest rainwear. We can print logo on the poncho, the layout or package for your promotion.


Compressed PE poncho or raincoat

Recently, our compressed PE poncho sells very well, as the package is even smaller than our palm, very convenient to take away.


PLA & Biodegradable PE poncho or raincoat

Another hot selling item is PLA & Biodegradable PE poncho or raincoat. “Plastic limit” has been implemented in many places, more and more strict. But still need time to find the substitute material. PLA & Biodegradable PE is an innovative material during the transition period. For PLA & Biodegradable PE poncho or raincoat, we have the related certificate. You are welcome to contact us and ask for it.


PVC, EVA, PEVA rainwear

If you need to use a rainwear for several times, we recommend the PVC, EVA or PEVA rainwear. The cost is also economical and material is stronger than PE. Also we can make request logo or overall printing there for decoration or advertising.


If you go to the Disney Land or Disney theme store, you will see most of the Disney kid rainwear is made of PVC or EVA material. PVC material cost lower than EVA. But EVA material is more stretchy and softer than PVC material in cold weather. EVA is more friendly to environment. So recently EVA rainwear is more popular.


But do not worry about PVC rainwear. The kid PVC raincoat now we supply to Disney can pass OEKO-TEX 100, 6P and other request standard. So it is also a good choice if you have economical budget.



PU rainwear

In winter season or in Scandinavia area, PU rainwear is the best choice to wear in cold  and wet weather. As PU material is more durable, stretchy and comfortable to wear. For PU rainwear, we can add fleece, sherpa or padded lining to make it with better function to keep warm.


PU children rainwear & Adult daily wear

Almost every child have at least one PU rainwear in Scandinavia area. And it is also an good choice for adult as a windproof & waterpoof jacket for daily wear. We can also find some fast fashion brand launches PU rain coat as their new products line.


PU workwear & Semi PU workwear

PU rainwear is widely applicated as workwear. Beside PU material, there is also Semi PU, means PVC combined with PU, which is more heavier and wearable for some industry. We can also make fire-retardant PU rainwear for some special industry.


Waterproof coated fabric rainwear

Beside of above rainwear material, you also can select the fabric with waterproof coating.  For example, nylon with PU coating, polyester with PVC coating etc. Meanwhile, the PU coating could be with breathable formula, which will keep you no sweaty. For this coated fabric, we make seam taped inside to avoid water leaking into the sewing seam. So it is 100% waterproof rainwear. As it is woven fabric, it is the strongest rainwear for multi times wearing.


So as a summary, there is no best choice, but only suitable choice. Come to us for more information and free samples with your logo. As a professional supplier for rainwear from 1992, we are confident to give you the best solution. Thanks!





Post time: Nov-16-2020