A+ A Exhibition, unforgettable trip!

Nearly half a month have passed since the closing of the 2021 A+A Exhibition.
This is not an exhibition, but also is an unforgettable trip.

GREENLAND A+A exhibition

Before A+A Exhibition

After so many days of preparation, GREENLAND TEAM were ready to launch with 2022 MODERN WORKWEAR NEW COLLECTION.

GREENLAND A+A exhibition

A+ A Exhibition is on

At C69-1/Hall 9, we were affected by enthusiasm of everyone, the smile behind every mask, every greeting after such a long time.

So glad to have this opportunity to have face-to-face communication with everyone and finally meet our long-lost friends. Meanwhile, we have gained a lot of new friends also.

We discussed about modern workwear, exchanged and shared the latest fashion trends about it and fabrics, with our 2022 MODERN WORKWEAR NEW COLLECTION.

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of modern workwear, to provide customers with solutions for modern workwear is what we have been pursuing.

We know that we have done it, and all our efforts are worth it.

Thank our partners and other friends for their attention to us, and thank the dinner with our friends.

GREENLAND A+A exhibition

GREENLAND A+A exhibition

After A+ A Exhibition

Four-day exhibition, 40-day trip. Tired ride, but it is worth it.

Although the exhibition is over, our soldiers need to be quarantined for nearly a month.

A long journey to be made on foot, they are still in high spirits, and what remains the same is their serious attitude towards work.

As representatives of GREENLAND, they interpret GREENLAND's “Improve ourselves, make you better!” of with professional and dedicated image.

Thanks to them, and also to the GREENLAND team who prepared for the exhibition, we are all proud of you.

GREENLAND A+A exhibition

The end of the exhibition does not mean the end, but the beginning of a new journey for GREENLAND.

Thanks again to our customers and friends for their attention to us. You are the biggest driving force for our continuous progress.

Always strive for better, we will prove it with action.

For anyone want to know more, welcome to contact us!

See you next A+A Exhibition in 2023, Germany!

Post time: Nov-13-2021