Modern Workwear, Sustainable Future

Modern Workwear, Sustainable Future.

During 18 years development of workwear, sustainability has been deeply ingrained in our products and operation. People deserve, tomorrow matters. As time goes on, we never stop constantly comprehending and practicing this concept seriously.

Sustainable Products Solution: 

High-Quality with comfort.

High-quality workwear should make people feel safe and comfortable. No worry for what they wear, but only focus on what they do. Focus is incredible power. Every order processed by GREENLAND is under our 4 layers quality control system and according to ISO 9001:2015 to guarantee the products with right fabric, neat sewing and ergonomic fitting, which are the most important elements.


Less is more. With long lasting lifetime workwear, no need to buy new ones frequently to lower the consumption of source energy. So we only use certificated fabric and accessories and test before production, to ensure the workwear with constant quality. 

Multi-Scenes Wearing.

We produce modern workwear with compound functions which can protect workers in different working condition, indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile, from design aspect, we take function combined with aesthetics and fashion. We hope wearers enjoy every working day with their lovely workwear during the working hours and off work.


We are already working on recycled materials for our workwear. Fabric and accessories with fibers or material from recycled bottles, ocean plastic or degradable plants fibers. And we are always on searching of new sustainable material or fibers, and give recommendation to our core clients. More steps have to be taken to create a greener future. But we are striving to practice, adjust and improve together with our clients.    

Sustainable Support System:

We believe that the sustainable development of an enterprise requires sustainable product solutions, occupational health and safety, environmental and social responsibility.

Internal construction & management.  

Guided by Greenland 4 systems and with Cooperate Value “Improve Ourselves, Make You Better.”, We have been making remarkable progress in professionalism and innovation in recent years. In 2022, we upgraded our GREENLAND R&D center to support clients with more efficient design, technique and sampling support. We truly believe that only with the stronger value support system,we could continue to support our customers with better products and services. 

Environment Responsibility

While pursuing the production of better workwear, we also take environmental protection as our responsibility. In production, we have been committed to minimize the huge climate footprint according to ISO 14001:2018. But there is far more than that, from recycled materials to transportation, and even to our literature, we have been trying to implement the concept of sustainability to the end in all aspects and links in GREENLAND.

Social Responsibility

As sustainability has always been deeply rooted in GREENLAND, we've been in our own way seeking to contribute to the society. In financial terms, we have been getting Grade A in Tax Credit Rating for every year. Education is the most sustainable investment, so we help primary schools in poor areas to improve teaching conditions. We devote to the project” School-Enterprise cooperation”, and gave lectures at 4 universities every year. We donate to the International Red Cross for those who in need. Even a small change is a great encouragement to us, and also encourages us to continue to make progress towards the deeper level of sustainability. Still there is still a lot to do today and tomorrow. But we never stop doing our bit to get there in future.

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