What Should We Know about Recycled Fabric?

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Nowadays people are becoming more aware of the impact they are having on the environment, and many are keen to ensure that they recycle wherever possible and dispose of other waste responsibility. Then Recycling has become a popular topic in textile.

1. Where the Recycled Fabric comes from?

The recycled fabrics is successfully developed, including color master batch, Sonora, regenerate pongee, etc. The green yarn are made from discarded plastic products and it has passed American SCS certification authority of the EPA which could reduce carbon emissions by 3%.


2.Why the Recycled Fabric is used more normally?

★ The PET recycled yarn can reduce the amount of usage for petroleum oil, it can save 6T petroleum pet T. It make great contribution to avoid the air pollution and greenhouse effect.

★A plastic bottle(600CC)=reduce carbon emission 25.2g=reduce petroleum 0.52CC=reduce water,88.6CC

★ The recycle yarn pass through the certification Authority of Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, American SCS Enrivonmental protection Agency, the Oeko-tex Standard 100 and also the GRS Standard. The international recognition is higher.

★ With the matures of technology of recycled fabric, the cost is getting lower than before and it’s a big market for recycled textile. The cost of recycled fabric is higher around 15%-30% than normal yarns for different fabrics. Also people are still researching ways to find new technology to decrease the cost and the recycle garment is really a big potential market. We suggest you to make this strategy asap to get the early market. Meanwhile we can give you unique solution based on your request of market, cost and design. It will be our pleasure to make new development with you.


3.What certificates or hangtags we can supply to you for Recycled Fabric?

We will recommend different environmentally friendly yarns for different fabrics used in different styles, like workwear and softshell. Each environmentally friendly yarn has a corresponding hangtag. We have hangtags not only for environmentally friendly yarns but also for the finished fabrics. It depends on what your need in your market or we can give you workable suggestions.

Except the eco-friendly hangtags, the certificates of GRS can also be supplied for you.


4.How to make the description on care label or Recycled Fabric?

For example, if it’s one layer fabric and the composition is 100% polyester and it’s also used 100% eco-friendly yarns, then we can write it like this: 100% recycled polyester.

If it’s two layers fabric and the shell fabric is 100% polyester with eco-friendly yarns and back is 100% polyester with normal yarns. Then we can write it like this: 100% recycled polyester/100% polyester.

Only an example of care label for your check. If any further questions, let us know and professional advice will be given to you.

In fact, except above points about recycled fabric, there are still more information, but we couldn’t write all here and if any other ideas or doubts, pls don’t hesitate to contact with us. We would like to share with you more separately by email.


Post time: Jan-27-2021

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