What Fabric is Popular for Modern Workwear 2021- 2022 ?

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Last time, we shared the color trend of Modern workwear. Today, we will analyse the fabric of Modern workwear. Any innovation for fabric of modern workwear? Let's make a comparison.

For classic workwear, fabrics are mainly cotton, T/C, taslon, oxford with/without coating etc. In one jacket and pants, only 1 or 2 kinds fabric combination. The durability and function are the main factors to be considered for classic workwear.


★ Stretchy fabric with more comfort

But for modern workwear, besides of durability and function, people focus on comfort during working. So stretchy fabrics are widely selected to release more freedom, easy to follow the wearers’ movement.

★ Textured fabric

Special stretchy reinforcement fabrics are in special body parts such as knee, elbow and waist to provide more extra flexibility. So wearer’s comfort is more improved. To make the workwear with more rich feeling, textured fabric is more popular.

★ Special stretchy fabric

Some fabrics are with spandex. Some are without spandex, but with special structure of yarns and new artwork of fabric weaving technology to make the fabric to be stretchy. As no spandex in component, the fabric color fastness and other characters are more steady and durable, such as T800 fabric. Welcome to contact us for more special stretchy fabric info.

★ Woven fabric and knitted fabric combination

Another trend of modern workwear is the combination of different types of fabric. With or without membrane, 2 or 3 layers, knitted and woven fabric, textured fabric and tabby fabric combined together to give more rich looking and brandly new feeling. Meanwhile, the variety of fabric also bring new possibility to improve the pattern which we will share next time.


★ Recycle fabric

Environmental protection is a long lasting and hot theme. Modern workwear concept is not only fashion looking and comfortable feeling, but also the action of reducing harm of earth. So the leader brands of workwear take recycle fabric into production line. After 3-5 years development,the cost and function of recycle fabric is more reasonable. We can share more about this top later.


Post time: Jan-28-2021

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