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------2021-2022 F/W Fashion Trend of New Artwork

Last times we analyzed the fashion development trends of colors and fabrics of outdoor leisure garments. Sincerely hope they will bring more inspirations.

Today we will mainly analyze the new artwork of outdoor leisure jacket, like Technology, pattern, usage scenario and Certificate etc.

1. New Technology

Different with traditional outdoor leisure garment, there are more new technology and workmanship for 2021-2022 F/W trend. Bright accessories as lightspots will be widely used. Nice shaped reflective print, tape or logo for safety and decoration are used in many brands. There are innovative workmanship such as special quilted stiches, punched holes design, melt adhesive layers, silicon printing, lacer cut logo etc. All improvements of these details make the outdoor leisure garment be more active and attractive.


2. 3D fitting cut

With the common use of spandex fabric, the combination use of knitted fabric and woven fabric, there is more possibility to make the pattern to be more fit our body shape. Especially for the parts which can show nice figure, like shoulder, sleeves, waist, elbows, etc. It’s not loose any more, but meantime, it is comfortable for movement.


3. High frequency usage

Outdoor leisure garment is not like extreme outdoor products. It can be used more frequently in daily life, not only the special sports activities. Outdoor leisure garments make us warm and comfortable and give us more choice in outdoor life. Outdoor leisure garment is the combination of fashion and outdoor.


4. Necessary function certificate

As outdoor garments, there are functions with necessaries certifications, included the certification of self-material fabric, the certifications of finishing for fabric etc. If any request for fabric and accessories, let us know. We will supply to you.


Considering all elements, we make many nice new styles. Some new styles have been uploaded  in our website www.greenlandsh.com. Some new styles are still in sampling step. You are welcome to contact us for more information or free samples.



GREENLAND focus on outdoor leisure garment with 16 years experience. In 2021-2022 F/W new design series, we followed the fashion trend for color, fabric, workmanship and pattern. All the new items are waiting for you. Further idea, please let us know. We will do best to cooperate with you.


Then for outdoor garment, till now we have shared fashion trend from color, fabric,

Technology, pattern, usage scenario, and Certificate. Hope they can give you overall ideas about the development for outdoor leisure garment. Next time, we will share more interested things with you. Thank you!


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