Modern Workwear, Bright Your Work and Life Pattern, technology, usage scenario, certificate

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In last two articles, we have shared the fabric color and fabric trend of modern workwear. Today, we will analyse other parts of modern workwear, like pattern, technology,  usage scenario and certificate etc.

 Fitting Pattern is workable because of stretchy fabric

 Regarding classic workwear, most of style is loose. The wearing experience is not so good, as the workwear always seems 1 size larger than it should be.

But for modern workwear, the style is more fitting, but not tight. As stretchy fabric is widely selected which could release more space for special position, such as back shoulder, elbows and knees, even the pattern is more fitting. Fashionable looking and comfortable wearing experience.

2.Multi-use scenarios switching between work and life

we will see the usage scenario. Classic workwear is only used in working place, as uniform and highly visible of safety. While modern workwear is not only used in working place. Because of it’s fashion and comfort, people also could wear it in ordinary life getting off work, like walking dog, shopping…

Now the pace of life is fast, one jacket which can help you switching between work and life efficiently is more convenient and popular. Let’s enjoy work and life .

3.Test to ensure protection of people

After all, modern wear is workwear. So we must confirm the safety and function is no fail. All our modern workwear meet Oeko-tex 100 standard. Beside this, some of our Hi-Vis series and waterproof items meet ENISO20471, EN343 etc. For other special industry workwear, of course we will follow the industry standard.

With last 3 articles, we have shared most points of modern workwear, including color, fabric, pattern, technology, usage scenario and certificate etc.

Post time: Jan-28-2021