How To Avoid Mistake for Garment Size Chart?

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Size chart is a standard for garments which ensure most people wear fitting.

So the size chart is very important for garment brands. How to avoid mistake on size chart? Here are some points with Greenland’s 16 years’ experience during order operation.

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1.  Every position’s name

★ Accurate description for every position.

For example, if the size chart states “body length”, it is not clear. There is

center back body length, center front body length without collar... So what is accurate description? For example, we can state “front body length, from HPS to bottom”.

★ Special part (with elastic or other adjustment trims) should be with 2 data.

If the cuff with an elastic band, the size chart should state “stretched length” and “relaxed length” which is more clear.

2. Measurement picture

If possible, please attach a measurement pic. It’s very helpful to know every position’s measurement way clearly.



3. Tolerance for each position 

Please state the tolerance for each position in size chart. Garment is handmade, so there must be some differences compared with size chart. Then a clear tolerance will give the producer a space to keep the measurement in reasonable range. This is also a workable way to avoid measurement issue during inspection.

  1. Make samples for fitting

Based on the above points, client’s request will be very clear. Then as professional supplier for workwear and outdoor garment, we should make samples for approval. Here we suggest the efficient way as follows:

★ Size sample:

Make 1 size sample firstly to check the basic design, style and size.


★ Fitting sample:

After approval of the above sample, we will make a size set sample(If there are 5 sizes in size chart from S to 2XL, size set sample should be S, L, 2XL or M, XL) or full set size samples. It will follow client requests. Then clients will know whether the size grading is workable.

★PP sample:

After approval fitting samples, we can make pp samples with all correct fabric and accessories, which will be signed and become a standard for production.


Above is our suggestion for measurement control. Of course, there are also other professional operation way we have to pay attention to. With experience and lessons, we are happy to share with you more if you send message to us for any size issue.

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