1.What is the lead time to make samples?

It’s around 3-7 working days with available fabric and accessories materials in hand.

2.How to charge for samples?

1-3pcs sample with exist fabric is free of charge.

3.Can you operate SMS samples?

Yes, for sure. We are familiar with the operation of SMS samples. We have technicians and a sampling room. We are happy to make new development together with you.

4.Can I order samples with my own design & logo?

Surely you can. We can make it according to your specific requirements like labels or logo etc. We have our own design team and we can share more inspirations. 

5.Can you do ODM? Do you have design team and recommend the new designs to clients?

Yes, we have our Design team, and we could recommend new designs to you every week. Meanwhile, every year, we could share with you the fashion trend for modern workwear and outdoor leisure garment, which is helpful for you to make new development. 

6.How do you make a new design?

We attend professional exhibitions and integrate the fashion trend for modern workwear and outdoor leisure garment. We make market research every season. And we cooperate with the Fashion Research Institute in Europe. Then we make our own design for clients.

7.How to get a valuable sample only based on a rough idea?

In the GREENLAND R&D center, we have 12 specialized persons, including designers, 3D modelers, technicians, and sample makers.

Our designers will make a sketch based on your idea. Or we can offer practical suggestions based on your budget or other requirements. After the sketch is confirmed, we will make the pattern. We can show your 3D mold to see the effect first, which will be more efficient and vivid. If you want to change colors or fabrics, we can do it flexibly in 3D style very quickly. After all are approved, we will source the fabric and accessories to make the samples. If there are different colorways, we can make physical samples in 1 or 2 colorways. Meanwhile, we will make 3D molds to show more colorways and different patterns, etc. That will be good support for your decision and marketing.


1.What are the characters of modern workwear?

More Light, More durable, More Stretchy, More recyclable.

2.What is the delivery time?

It’s around 30-70 days after order confirmation.  

3.Where is your departure port?

Mainly from Tianjin(xingang) by sea, and Beijing by air, as our factory is near by Tianjin and Beijing. But also we deliver goods from Qingdao, Shanghai or other port if necessary.

4.What is the MOQ?

For garment,the moq. is 500-800pcs/color, 1000pcs-1600pcs/style.

For rainwear,the moq.is 2000pcs-5000pcs/color depends on different material.

5.How do you control the quality?

A. We only choose top branded fabric and accessories suppliers.

B. Fabric and accessories are all according to OEKO-TEX 100, or the requested test report.

C. Standard factory with BSCI audit.

D. Strict test for fabric and ready-made garment sample before production. Random test during production.  

E. Quality inspection by a professional QC team during the whole production process.

F. Fitting sample, PP sample, and shipment sample for clients’ confirmation. 

6.Which certification do you have for fabric?

OEKO-TEX 100, REACH, ENISO20471, EN343, GRS or other special industry certification.

7.What brand zipper do you use for workwear or outdoor wear?

Zipper is one of the most important accessories for workwear and outdoor wear. The quality of the zipper affects the life span of clothing. So for different workwear and outdoor wear, we should choose zippers of different types and brands.

For example, we use waterproof zippers for rainwear, outdoor functional clothing, or workwear which may be used in bad weather. So the jacket or pants will be totally waterproof. But if the zipper will be covered by a flap, then no need waterproof zipper. As for the waterproof zipper, we suggest TPU material, which is more durable and can afford lower temperatures in winter. For other clothing without waterproof request, we can use nylon, plastic, or metal zipper.

Of course, we will also consider the cost. For high-end workwear and outdoor wear, clients may nominate the YKK brand, which we can get the YKK hangtag to increase the commercial value. If no request from the client, to ensure the quality, we will use SAB, THC, YCC, or another reliable brand zipper. For other considerations about zippers, please contact us. Thank you!

8.How about the shipping? And how long it will take?

We can deliver goods by sea, by air, by train or by express as customer request. Sea shipment is the most common and economic way for bulk goods. It will take around 30-45 days to American or European base ports. Air shipment is very expensive but fast which will take 3-7 days. Train shipment is a flexible choice for 22 destination countries including Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, etc. Train shipment to Europe is around 15-20 days and the cost is between sea shipment and air shipment. Express is the fastest and most convenient way if the goods are small volume. So we can choose the most suitable shipping way according to delivery time, goods volume and budget, etc. 

9.How do you deal with customer’s complaint?

Totally GREENLAND takes extreme care and strict QC standard in ensuring our goods are of stable high quality. However, if for any reason you find a defect or fault with our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our salesman with the data and photos to show the defective goods. We will check it out clearly, and give you reasonable compensation, repair or remake the defective goods in a fast way.

One case here to share with you. In 2007, when softshell is still a brand new fabric, we got an order of 8000pcs softshell jackets from an Italian client. During quality control, we took 5 pcs jackets randomly from the production line and wash them for 1 hour 3 times as normal process. Unfortunately, we found there was some little part separation of the fabric after washing. It’s a defect in the fabric. But if you don’t wash it, you will not find it. This means we may send out goods and get payment from the client. But we had no doubt and told the client this fact at once. Then we rebooked all the fabric and remade the whole order. Yes, it’s a big loss for us. But we kept our quality standard and reputation for the client. Now 14 years passed, and we still cooperate with this client very well. As the client manager said,” GREENLAND is not the cheapest one, but the most reliable one.” Thanks for our partner’s trust. 

“Be responsible for clients, be a reliable partner.” is our never changed principle during these 19 years. Let’s work together for a bright future.


1.Where is GREENLAND Located?

Our company is located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, near by Beijing and Tianjin port. Only 1 hour and 10 minutes from Beijing and 1 hour 45 minutes from Tianjin by express train. There are also direct flights from Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities everyday.  

2.Are you manufacturer or trader?

We are manufacturer and trader. We own one garment factory, also cooperate with other 20 factories. So we can integrate all these resources and approach most competitive cost and flexible delivery time.

3.Which certification do you have for factory?


4.Which exhibition do you attend?

Canton Fair.  Guangzhou, China.  Apr.- May, Oct.,-Nov.

A+A.  Dusseldorf, Germany.  Oct.- Nov.

ISPO.  Munich, Germany.  End of Nov.

MAGIC SHOW.  Las Vegas, USA.  Aug.

SAWO.  Poznan, Poland.  Apr.  

5.Does your company have show room?

Yes, we have show room in company. And you can also browse our products in www.greenlandsh.com. 

6.What is your advantage or added value?

Greenland is different with other suppliers mainly from following 6 key points. 

A. Strict quality control.

Quality is the most important core of our work. We only use certified fabrics and accessories. Physical and chemical properties will be tested before production. And every order is under our 4 layers quality control system to guarantee the products with a long-lasting life, always meeting your needs for function and comfort in various scenes.

B. Frequent new designs and trend info.  

Even for workwear, market trends change so quickly. New designs with inspiration are what we can support you beside production. New fabric, new function, new color, new technique, new sustainable way… We are not only focus on production but also devote to helping you to win in the future market.   

C. Fast and free samples.

To help you win orders from customers or make the buying decision, we support you with accurate and free physical samples within 1 week. Thanks to our technical sampling team and 3D system from 2021. What you see is what you get. We can send you the 3D digital sample within 2 hours and change the fabric and color in 1 second to give you more options. save your cost and time and give you an efficient experience. 

D. Unique solution for customized budget.

Sometimes, you may only have an idea for product usage scenes, or you have a price budget without a clear picture of style or function. Don’t worry, just tell us what you need. Our R&D center will support you with a unique solution to fulfill your demand. Make your logo or company name to be visible. This is so important way to make you more professional and cognizable. We could help you to practice this with print, embroidery, or other artwork according to your preferences and the fabric’s feature. 

E. Special QTY. size & pattern service.

You may have struggled to find workwear or outdoor wear that fits people with extra large or small sizes with patterns but in very limited QTY. Of course, it’s difficult and costly to practice in the production line. But it is important that the clothes fit properly, so comfort, features, and functions remain optimum for wearers. So we support you with this special size or pattern. Then you could meet the needs of different people or teams without fail. 

F. Warehouse storage service.

Warehouse space is valuable for all of us. We know you want to get goods in time according to the sales status, but don’t want to stock extra pcs in your own storage which means space and funds tied up. Ok, just give us your rough order plan in half or one year. We will produce and help you stock goods in our warehouse, and ship them immediately once you need them. 

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